Save a lot on electric bill with Samsung AirSolutions

Indoor air quality has become more important than ever to reduce sneezing and avoid other severe respiratory problems. Particles, allergens, vehicle gasses, and viruses are more common outdoors and as a result, people are starting to lessen their exposure to air pollution by using quality air filters inside their homes.

However, as energy rates continue to go up, so are the rest of the household bills and prices of necessities. The trend of upward bill adjustments make it difficult for families to budget and all are thinking of ways on how to reduce the charges.

So how can someone save and continue using air purifiers at the same time?

Samsung believes that a cost-efficient and healthy home is the future dream home. With Samsung AirSolutions, energy-saving appliances such as Samsung’s Air Purifier and WindFree Inverter are here as immediate solutions to address this challenge.

Enjoy fresh air the smart way

Samsung’s 60sqm Air Purifier is compact yet powerful with its 3-way Air Flow system which intuitively monitors, deodorizes, and filters air quality in any living space. This multi-layered purification system extracts large dust particles like pollen, filters harmful gasses with Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter, and even captures over 99% of ultrafine dust with its High-efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) Filtration feature.

It also sports Air Quality, Gas Purity, and Fine Dust Concentration Indicators that show air quality and specify air levels from good to bad. So users are visibly aware and can instantly determine how pure the air is.

Samsung’s Air Purifier can be controlled remotely through smartphones via SmartThings app for users to monitor the pollution level in rooms and turn it off anytime, anywhere they wish. It also has an Auto Mode that senses air quality levels and adjusts the power to your needs to reduce energy used. Aside from that, it has a Filter Replacement Alarm that blinks when the filter already needs replacing and a Child Lock feature that prevents any accidental changes in settings.

Samsung’s 60sqm Air Purifier starts at Php 28,995.

Stay comfortably cool and worry-free from overcharges

Samsung 2.5HP WindFree Inverter cools the air with its highly-energy efficient WindFree™ Cooling system that optimizes energy use and reduces electric consumption by 77% when operating in WinFree mode versus the usual Fast Cooling mode of air conditioning units. It also has ECO mode which uses less compressor capacity.

Samsung 2.5HP WindFree Inverter has a WindFree Good Sleep mode that intelligently creates the ideal temperature for sleeping and lessens unpleasant cold air flow so homeowners and families sleep much better throughout the night.

This Samsung Inverter is powered with Digital Inverter Boost technology, neodymium magnets, and Twin Tube Muffler that help maintain the desired temperature in living spaces efficiently and quietly. This technology is designed to cool spaces faster and farther by 43%, reaching up to 15 meters.

Maintenance is also easier as the unit simply cleans itself automatically through the 3-step Auto Clean feature. This dries the heat exchange of the air conditioner unit and removes moisture by blowing air for 10-30 minutes to prevent bacteria and odor build-up.

Samsung 2.5HP WindFree Inverter starts at Php 56,495.

Keep your air clean and pockets full

The 60sqm Air Purifier and 2.5HP WindFree Inverter are one of the most versatile air solutions products of Samsung to date. With air-purifying and WindFree technology, families can now enjoy cool and dust-free households — an innovative answer to energy cost and health concerns.

The Samsung 60sqm Air Purifier and 2.5HP Windfree Inverter have a 5-star CSPF (Cooling Season Performance Factor) Rating from the Department of Energy (DOE). This means that all Samsung air-conditioning units are energy-efficient and consumer-friendly. Always look for the CSPF 5-star label when you buy your Samsung AC units to enjoy the benefits of reduced power consumption and save more energy.

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  2. Isa sa nakakastress pagdating ng katapusan ng buwan ay ang bayarin sa kuryente kaya naman this Samsung AirsSolutions is indeed an solution sa ating problema. Switch to Samsung Brand now para maexperience na ang tipid kuryenteng appliances 👏

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    Samsung never fails to amaze us for continuing to develop products that are good on quality, durability and that’s within our budget.This I a good investment for our home to be safe and virus-free.

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