Team Uy Travels

Team Uy


Meet the members behind the Team Uy Travels, a family of three who are frequent travelers and always seeking for new adventure. Follow them as they hop on one place to another and get lots of family-friendly tips for your travel.


Meet Catha

Mingming or Catha of Team Uy, as her close friends and colleagues fondly call her, is a writer-producer in one of leading TV network stations in the Philippines.

She is an epitome of a conservative Filipina who likes to maintain the conventional ways of things around her, but is not afraid to try new ideas and embrace the vogue and modern day perspectives.

Despite her busy schedule on her writing stint, she manages to bring our her artistic and creative side through painting, photography and music.


Meet J.I

J.I. or Jonathan is an intermediate billiard player and multi-billiard champion in the company he is working for. His usual hobby of playing the nine-ball with friends and colleagues takes him into a higher notch giving him the opportunity to compete in several major inter-company tournaments. Nevertheless, he is a great provider and always follows his wife’s desires, and also loves to travel. JI is the driver of the family and the silent joker. Mobile gaming is his expertise and he can master a game in no time.

Meet Sophia

She is a giggly and very active young girl who finds Youtube videos about toys and games very interesting. She always want to be on the go and copycat her mom in every aspects, be it on dress, hairstyle, skin care, etc.

She is very prone to illness but no one can stop her when the clock ticks and says its playtime..