5 Do’s of flu treatment from medical experts

However, contracting illnesses like the flu is still something that we sometimes cannot control. “We need to be prepared, especially since we’re sending our kids back to face-to-face classes and are heading out for work, gatherings, or errands – all while in the middle of the flu season,” urged Dr. Jing Velasco-Aro, Vaccine Medical Head of GSK Philippines.

Run your own company: Games that will hone your business skills

There are games for entertainment, and some are meant for educational purposes and help support learning. With the fast innovation of online technology, web games have also redeveloped from being a simple escape from real life into infotainment that can actually help one nurture skills and learn new things. People planning to venture into business …

Is it time to buy a new house?

Is it practical to buy a house during Covid-19 pandemic?

Slowly, the world economy has been undergoing the recovery phase as governments are easing quarantine and health protocols. Back to business, as one may say as the new normal for business and social mobilization is not considering slowing down at any rate, even the threat of Covid-19 surge is looming around. At one point, you …