Approved Japan Visa: How much Show Money do you need?

I’m pretty sure you’re looking for ways to have an approved Japan visa.
Japan- the land of timeless culture and beauty which captivates many foreigners. But before one can step on the Land of the Rising
Sun and breathe its air, he/she must secure an single or multiple entry Japan visa.


Last January, we were lucky to book a promo fare thru Jetstar Airways with a whooping P15k all-in fare for my family of three. “Lakas
ng loob,” as I may say because that time, we didn’t even have passports and even worse, ‘show money’. So the next three months, we applied for passports, listed down the places we want to visit, reserved hotels thru and of course, saved money.
May 26, Friday, we finally processed our visa thru ReliTours and Travel Agency in SM Megamall. We were entertained by a guy named Evan who was really polite to receive our documents.

These were the documents we submitted to secure an approved Japan visa:

  • -Birth Certificate (NSO copy, valid for 1 year)
  • -Marriage Certificate (one copy for me and my husband)
  • -Certificate of Employment or any certification from your company. I am a project or contractual employee and yet, I got my certification indicating my employment duration.
  • -BIR FORM 2316 Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld
  • -Completed Application form (we preferred to computerize and print them out instead of a handwritten) with 2×2 picture (we had two sets of Japan visa photo: one from Photoline and another from Picture City. We were not satisfied with the Photoline pictures which were seemed not standardized. I suggest that you’ll get the service of Picture City because they follow the size requirement of Japan visa.
  • -Bank Certificate (my husband and I have a joint bank account which amounts to approximately Php 1xx,xxx. We only submitted one copy.)
  • -Guarantee form for minors (My husband has to sign as a guarantor of our daughter. Reli tours will give you a form upon request.)
  • -Itinerary plan (one copy for the three of us)

I also brought our plane itinerary/ticket, Affidavit of Support and photocopies of our IDs, but Evan told us that these were not
necessary. We only processed our visa for only 20 minutes and exit the office with high hopes that our visa would be approved by Japan Embassy.
So this was the tough part– waiting for the result. It was really tormenting because I was really worried about our show money. I did several researches and read different blogs about successful Japan visa application and also the denied ones.
(6pm, May 30) Yesterday, my husband and I both received text messages from Reli tours that our passports were ready for pick up indicating that the result will be unveiled upon pick up only. Whew, what a waiting game!
(2pm, May 31) This afternoon, my husband picked up the passports. I stayed outside Reli’s office and just waited because of fear of
breaking down in case of seeing denied visas.
Luckily, our visas were all approved! Thank goodness! It was such a big relief and I can finally say that we’re just really counting down the days from visiting the birthplace of Sailormoon, Batousai, Eugene and Dennis of Ghost fighter, Card Captor Sakura, etc.

Q & A

How much show money in your bank certificate should you present?
Clearly, there is no formula how much money in the bank an applicant must have. Let me tell you this, we’re in great distress weeks before the day of visa application because we spent half of our bank money for emergency purposes. It was really untimely. So we had to ask my mom to lend us some money for bank deposit. I really suggest that in case you have a big money to deposit, divide it and do the depositing consecutively. If you are a family of three, Php 120k to 150k will be good and enough for a 7-day trip to Japan. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR ITINERARY
Do I have high chance of getting visa approval if I have previous visa approvals?
No or yes. I think the embassy is focusing on your current visa application and not on your previous visa records. As I said earlier, this
is the first time my family got passports and Japan will be our first out of the country tour. Just keep in mind to complete your requirements and make sure that there are no errors in your documents.
Do I need to book flights before applying for Japan visa?
No, as mentioned earlier, Reli tours didn’t get our itinerary tickets even though I insisted. So visa approval doesn’t really depend whether you already have a plane ticket or not.
Can I apply for visa weeks before my departure date?
Yes, our scheduled flight is just two weeks from now. But Reli tours is advising applicants to file visa 60 days prior to the date of
your departure to allow enough time in case Japanese Embassy will require you to submit additional requirements.

Do I have to put the complete details of our tour on the itinerary plan?
As much as possible, make it short but sweet. The more details you put, the higher the chance you’ll commit mistakes in your document and the bigger show money you must put in your bank account. The embassy is scrutinizing if your show money can really shoulder all your trip expenditures. So if you’re on a budget trip, just write down the places that have free entrance and not too far from your preferred accommodation.
I have problems on my birth certificate. Should I correct it first before applying for visa?
My husband had erroneous name and birthdate on his birth certificate and he processed the correction last year. Evan of Reli tours mentioned that in case your birth certificate has wrong spellings, there is nothing to worry about because they have an affidavit form where you can fill up and state the anomaly on your birth document.
What is the best thing to do before Japan visa application?
Research is the key my dear. I did a lot of research ever since we booked our flight to Japan. I’ve read a lot of blogs which were very helpful in long run of processing our documents. CLICK HERE FOR MORE TIPS IN YOUR JAPAN TOUR
Don’t be afraid to ask. Ask your colleagues and relatives who had traveled to Japan because for sure, they will be more willing to share with you their experience in visa application and their Japan sojourn.
As a treat to those who will pass, you can get 5% discounts on KLOOK App where you can book in advance your hotel, tours and tickets. Just use our code “TEAMUYTRAVELS”

“It is always seems impossible… until it is done.”
-Nelson Mandela


  1. Living in the US (with a uS passport) this is so foregin to me – I went to Japan with no visa or anything!

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    The sector hopes for more passionate writers such
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  3. I would love to see that country one day. Sounds like your good planning paid off!

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  5. It seems like a lot of work to get a Japan visa, but I’m sure it’s worth it! I’ve always wanted to visit.

  6. This is quite informative. Will share with my blogger frnds.

  7. Dona says:

    I did not know all of this. I’m still trying to digest all of this information. Have you gone on the trip yet?

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  13. Angela Hoyos says:

    Very insightful post! I was considering a teaching job in Japan a few years back and the application process was so rigorous and complicated. Needless to say I did not go ahead with the offer.

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  16. Shaily says:

    Very helpful post! Japan is my bucket list destination and I’m glad I came across this post before planing my trip. Thanks for sharing all the details and requirements to get an approved Japan visa. Bookmarked this page for future reference.

  17. There was a lot for you to do to get the Visa! But it will all pay off in the end when you get to Japan!!

  18. Hi, I just want to know for contractual employment. Do I need that my contract must be longer or will not end during the travel date or return date?

    1. hi, actually I am sort of a contractual employee and during our japan visa processing, i submitted my certificate of talent service stating that my contract would expire within two months. Luckily, I still got the visa approval.
      However, I suggest that as much as possible, your contract shouldn’t end during the travel month. 🙂

  19. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Ate!! I’m kind of in the same situation as you were with the travel funds.. I have a week (even less than that) to come up with at least $1000. My boyfriend said he’s willing to help out by sending me that amount. How do I divide this throughout 4-7 days and how often should I deposit it to my savings account? I work casual and my monthly bank statement already shows random amounts of money from $50-$200 being deposited every other day anyway, will that make it look less suspicious?

    1. hi i suggest you deposit the amount by 200s per day. In my case, we deposited P20,000 to 50,000 per week. But since you have limited time, you can divide 1,000usd into 3 or 4 deposits. 🙂

  20. Joana says:

    Hi! we are planning to get a tourist visa. plan namin 4 days lang and we are a family of three. 4 years old yung daughter ko.. is 260K enough na para maapprove ang visa? Thanks!

  21. Hi! we are planning to get a tourist visa. plan namin 4 days lang and tokyo lang kami. we are a family of three 4yrs old yung daughter ko. is 260K enough na para maapprove ang visa? Thanks

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