DFA Passport Courtesy Lane

Need passport within 2 weeks? It’s just a breeze getting this thru COURTESY LANE at Department of Foreign Affairs Passport
Appointment building at Pasay City.

You don’t need to get an appointment online because you just have to walk in and get your documents ready.


You are eligible to process your new passport or renew your
old passport at DFA Passport Building Courtesy Lane if you are one of the following:
-Regular government employees: must present original and
photocopy of either of the ff: GSIS UMID ID, Civil Service Registry or Service
-qualified dependent of government employees: legal spouse,
parents or unmarried children
-retired government employees: one year availment upon
-incumbent elected officials and barangay level: must
present original and photocopy of recent Oath of Office/Certification from
COMELEC and official ID
For barangay level, only the following are entitled:
Barangay Chairman, Barangay Kagawad and SK chairman
-you have endorsement from House of Representatives or
must first secure endorsement from the Department Legislative Liason
Unit (DFA-DLLU) before lodging their application to the Courtesy Lane
-Media Personnel: must first secure endorsement from the
Office of the Public Diplomacy (DFA-OPD) before going the Courtesy Lane)
-you have referrals made from DFA employee: limited to 3
referrals per month, must secure proper endorsements duly signed by the
Assistant Secretary and Administrative Officer of their respective offices.
Only original copies will be accepted for verification purposes. Photocopy of
DFA employee’s valid I.D./government agencies official’s Department I.D. must
be attached for verification purposes.
-minor (7 yo and below)
-Senior citizens (60 yo and above)
-PWD (genuinely disabled) with PWD I.D.s
-Pregnant (visibly pregnant) with medical certificate

Upon arriving, go straight to the guard at gate 5, just
present your letter of endorsement from DFA or tell that you’ll go at the courtesy
Go to the 2nd floor and ask the personnel at the
lobby. Present your application form and wait to be called after 10 minutes.

The personnel will call the applicants one by one and give a
card number. Go inside the Passport Processing Courtesy Lane and wait for your turn.


Give your documents to the personnel at the window of Processing section. The verification
will take up to 5 minutes.

Then proceed to the Payment Section and pay your processing fee.

-P950 for regular processing
( 15 days working days excluding weekend)

-P1200 for express (7 days working days)

Upon payment, wait for your number to be called at Data Capturing/Encoding Section. This part took us 4 hours due to long queue of applicants
My advice, eat your lunch
and just return after an hour or two. Foodchains such as MCDO &
Greenwich are lining across
the DFA building.

applicants waiting for picture taking

 After picture taking, you may approach the Delivery
section just outside the Passport Enrollment Center if you opt for passport delivery. You may skip this part.

applicants availing the passport delivery

Just pay P150 for delivery charge. Your passport will be
delivered to your address one day upon the release date.

citizen’s charter

If you’ll process your passport during Mondays, expect more applicants, so better come during midweek. Don’t forget to bring your NSO Copy of Birth Certificate which is the main requirement

Happy trip!


  1. Is the children of barangay kagawad can also avail the courtesy lane ages 10 and 9..Thank u please reply.

  2. Hi Ms. Raquel, as long as they are accompanied by their parents who are barangay kagawad, they will be listed to courtesy lane. So the children and parents must apply at the same time. 🙂

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