How Did I Solve My Baby's Nipple Confusion, Team Uy Travels

How Did I Solve My Baby’s Nipple Confusion

Breastfeeding is one of the best things that can happen to a mother. Women who breastfeed have a lot of benefits: promotes faster weight loss, less postpartum bleeding, natural contraceptive, etc.  For the breastfed children,  they get all the energy and nutrients that they need. However, it also entails a very common problem– nipple confusion. In this article, I will tackle how did I solve my baby’s nipple confusion.

How Did I Solved My Baby's Nipple Confusion, Team Uy Travels
How Did I Solve My Baby’s Nipple Confusion, Team Uy Travels


When I started breastfeeding Baby Kenshin, I thought it would be a smooth sailing process. He had been latching on me properly but little did I know that when it’s time for him to feed on a bottle, he would experience “Nipple Confusion.” We tried giving him my breastmilk in a bottle many times but he had trouble drinking it.

There are two types of Nipple confusion: breast nipple confusion and bottle nipple confusion.

In Kenshin’s case, he struggled with bottle nipple confusion. He prefers breastfeeding because he can control the flow of milk from me, he can pause and breathe, unlike when he tries to drink in a bottle, the quick flow causes him to choke a bit or he can’t squeeze the bottle nipple properly.  We had offered him different kinds of bottles and artificial nipples but he became stressed. We also tried switching it up and asked my husband to give the bottle, we failed again.

After spending much money on high-end bottle nipples, there is only one that he accepted: the brown nipple.

Nipple Confusion, Team Uy Travels
Nipple Confusion, Team Uy Travels

To our surprise, the Farlin brown nipple only costs 12 pesos. You can also buy this on grocery stores such as Puregold or Mercury Drug Store. Upon giving him the brown bottle, he immediately fed in it. Looking at it, I can see clearly why Kenshin chose this kind of bottle nipple:

  • It is brown just like mother’s areola
  • It is softer than other white bottle nipples so he can easily squeeze and create suction
  • The texture is more natural compared to other silicone types

We successfully made the transition from breast to bottle, vice versa. I know that nipple confusion is very challenging for parents and for your little one. In case that the brown nipple didn’t work for you, try feeding your baby using a small cup. You can buy baby cups in online stores. Hopefully, you can use these strategies to solve your baby’s nipple confusion problem.

How Did I Solve My Baby's Nipple Confusion, Team Uy Travels
How Did I Solve My Baby’s Nipple Confusion, Team Uy Travels


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  1. Apple Joy Camañero says:

    True po ito mommy danas ko po ito . Ang hirap i switch sa bottle kapag nsanay sa breastfeed . Gusto ko din itry itong brown nipple . Kse my mga white nipple na ayaw din baby ko . Very affordable pa . . Thankyou for sharing po ❤️😍

    1. ccbuti15 says:

      oo try mo mommy. Mura lang talaga ang brown nipple 🙂

  2. Irish Laurio says:

    very informative and interesting blog team uy, yes thanks po sa pag share nito hnd pa aq relate sa ganyang usapan pero for sure naman magagamit q dn yan kapag naging mommy na dn po aq hehhe salamat sa dagdag kaalaman po 🙂

    1. ccbuti15 says:

      ehehe. soon magiging mommy ka rin 🙂

  3. Chriss Tabamo says:

    already read your blog po mommy.. Same po mommy , super relate po ako dito sa blog nyo. Lalo nat Hanggang ngayon breastfeeding padin ako sa 8 months kopong baby. Yun baby ko din po ganito rin sya, mas gusto parin nyang dumedede sa akin kesa sa bote.. Ayaw nya po kasi sa bote kahit anong gawin namin na papalit palit ang tsupon hndi pa rin nya gusto dumedede sa bote lalo nat hndi padin nya kaya yung tuloy tuloy yung daloy na gatas sa bote.. Hndi nga namin alam saan pa kami makakahanap or makakabili ng tsupon yung kayang dedein ng baby kopo. Try nga po namin itong Farlin brown nipple.. Baka ito magustuhan na ng baby ko. Thankyou for sharing mommy. Very helpful po sa amin ito lalo na sa mga katulad kong mommies..

    1. ccbuti15 says:

      oo try mo mommy para mas maginhawa pag aalis ka

  4. rowenacallovillareno says:

    Hindi po ako relate pero yung sister ko ganito din yung problem hindi makaalis ng bahay kasi si baby ayaw mag dede sa bottle . Suggest ko nga po ito lalo na affordable din ang price.

  5. Hyun Jang Nim says:

    Complicated din po pala ang breastfeeding. This Nipple Confusion is a new term to me. I’m glad that I read your blog, this is very informative. I like how you differentiate its types and give some recommendations. I’ll take note of this in case I’ll be needing this in the future.

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