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2020 Made Us Social Media Influencers

2020 had been a rollercoaster year for many of us due to the unimaginable blow of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone has his own share of misery and struggle just to survive this eventful year. Thank goodness, we just ring in the new year and we can only hope that 2021 will be a good one.

Just like many workers who were displaced by the pandemic, I also lost some sideline jobs and have resorted to our online business to make ends meet. We survived 2020 not because we gain something new, but because we utilize the things that we already have: vlog and blog.

I started blogging in 2017 but I haven’t published regularly due to a lack of time. Last year, we were able to focus on it, do more vlogging, and become active in social media. We reformatted our youtube channel and got monetized afterward. We got a chance to do live streaming in Lazada and this helped us gain many followers. Indeed, the year 2020 has made us social media nano influencers.

Team Uy Kids

Team Uy Kids, our new channel

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit globally, this speeded the adoption of digital transformation for many people. Meetings and conferences are done in digital classrooms. Those who lost jobs started their online businesses. One more noticeable thing is the influx of vloggers and bloggers last year.

For our family, 2020 had been a boosting period for our vlog and social media engagement. The support from our new followers is so surprising. Eventually, we felt the need to expand so we launched our new channel that caters to kiddie content, Team Uy KIDS. We are just so grateful that it didn’t take long for brands to notice us.

Team Uy Travels and Brands we worked with
Team Uy Travels and Brands we worked with

During the last quarter of 2020, we successfully worked with more than 15 brands and joined influencer groups including Brand Buzz PH. That was more than what we asked for.

Excitement is an underrated word to describe how we feel for the next 365 days. We have high hopes that we will be able to surpass the upcoming challenges this year. Let us all be reminded of the lessons we learned from the previous year and appreciate the things we have at this moment. Good riddance, 2020!

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  1. Hyun Jang Nim says:

    wow nakakatuwa naman po yung mga accomplishments nyo last year. im happy for you po team uy. congrats po and wishing you more and better 2021. God bless po.

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