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Ooops! Team Uy did it again! And this time, we got our Japan Multiple Visa stamp!

For Filipinos visiting Japan, getting a multiple visa is a great achievement unlocked. Some lucky travellers are given on their first try but others also fail. But fret not, we’re here to help you level up your Japan visa with almost 100% approval!

Before anything else, let us discuss the differences between the requirements for Single visa and Multiple Visa. (Disclaimer: this is only applicable for tourist visa.)

Japan Multiple Visa Entry
Difference between Single & Multiple Visa

For the second time around, we chose to process our multiple visa at Reli Tours in SM Megamall for only P950 each. We downloaded the Request Form for multiple visa, click here for the pdf file. Our mistake was that we ticked more than one of the choices. Thankfully, a Reli staff member was kind enough to guide us and he assured us that crossing out the unnecessary check marks wouldn’t affect our visa application.

Japan Multiple Visa entry

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How to fill up the Request Form

For tourism purposes, check only the box for Multiple-entry visa for tourist. If you had travelled to Japan for the past 3 years, choose the first box under Multiple-entry visa for tourist.

Japan Multiple Visa entry


If you are a minor o child travelling with your parents, choose the 4TH box indicating that you are an Immediate family members (Spouse/Child) of the person who has highly sufficient financial capacity.

Japan Multiple Visa entry

Next, you have to write a short explanation why the embassy should grant your multiple visa. Put it inside the enclosed section “REASON”.

Then put the Date, your Full Name and your signature.

Japan Multiple Visa entry


For applicants who wish to get multiple-entry visa for tourism purposes and had travelled to Japan for the past 3 years, you don’t need to submit birth certificate and marriage certificate.

For minor and child, parents must secure the child’s birth certificate and their marriage certificate. Also, you need to submit a guarantee letter stating that you will shoulder your child’s travel expenses and that you are responsible for his actions. Download the guarantee letter here. Below is a sample guarantee letter.

Japan Multiple Visa entry

Q & A

SHOW MONEY: How much money did you declare in your bank certificate?

We made sure that we have 6-digit figures in our bank certificate because we would visit Tokyo Disneyland and go to Osaka after Tokyo. P150,000 is sufficient for a 3-member family for 5 days. So if you are travelling alone, make sure that you have at least P50,000 for a 5-day vacation in Japan.

How long does it take to get a Multiple Visa?

It depends on your travel history. If you had traveled to Japan before, it will only take 3-5 days for your visa processing. But due to the influx of tourists in Japan, Reli Tours recommends to apply for visa 1 month before the trip.

Can I secure a multiple visa without an ITR if I am a free lancer?

Yes, you just need to show proof of income and write an explanation letter why you don’t file an Income Tax Return. Your bank certificate and job contract will save you from all your worries. You may also find a guarantor who will shoulder your travel expenses.

Are erasures allowed in the Application Form?

Yes, just last November, we printed all our documents ahead our application process. Upon arrival at Reli Tours again, they checked our documents and told that there were some updates on application forms.

Example, the date of your stay should not start on the arrival date. If you arrived on November 29, then your first day in Japan is November 30.

If you have to correct an entry, you can simply put 2 slash “//” on the word/s then write above or next to it the corrections.

Does the embassy allowed edited photo including those Collar added effect?

No, they don’t allow edited photos. And they no longer require collared suit. You can just wear casual shirt as long as it is presentable.

Do you need to furnish copies of birth certificate when you already had a previous japan visa?

No, it is no longer required. But the minors should present birth certificate and their parents’ marriage certificate for cross-checking details.

Does the embassy grant Multiple visa to those who applied for the first time?

Yes, the embassy will look into your bank certificate and if you are a person who has highly sufficient financial capacity, chances are that you will be granted a multiple visa.

For those who want to apply for Single visa, read our previous post.

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