EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Team Uy Travels

EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner, your gentle but effective partner on cleaning homes

Most people will agree that health is the top priority now that the world is battling against coronavirus pandemic. With all the uncertainties that this health crisis has caused, there is only one thing certain— the pandemic heightens the importance of cleanliness.

With that, Nu Skin recently launched the EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner as the company’s latest product offering in the Philippine market and is the powerful follow-up to its first home category entry under the EcoSphere brand, first of which was the EcoSphere Water Purifier.

This new cleaner product is now available exclusively in the Philippines, and Nu Skin plans to roll out the product in the Southeast Asia Region in the coming months.

In an exclusive media gathering, Nu Skin boasts of the advanced formula of EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner. This liquid cleaner works thoroughly as it sanitizes and disinfects any washable surface by reducing up to 99.999% of certain bacteria when used pure.

With innovative formula, it contains effective ingredients that are not harmful to the skin and offers various dilutions to clean at different potencies for various applications.

EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Team Uy Travels
EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Team Uy Travels

EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner Ingredients:


revolutionary formulated solution designed for dilution to meet specific product needs for a wide range of household cleaning applications. Various dilutions can produce products for multi-purpose cleaning such as washing floors, windows, inks spills, sinks and countertops and to any washable surfaces. It is derived from bio-based sources providing a greener clean in both household and

industrial environments.


cleaning agent that acts as a surfactant that loosens and traps dirt, hence removing it from the surface that you are cleaning.


provides pH regulation to clean surfaces without harming its natural state – the key elements for a multi-purpose cleaner formulation.

EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Team Uy Travels
EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Team Uy Travels

Here are the key features of EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

  • Eco-friendly formula – cost-effective with less bottles thrown away compared to ready-to-use cleaners
  • Greener profile – formulated with DIMETHYL 9-DECENAMIDE derived from bio-based sources, that covers a wide range of household cleaning applications.
  • Anti-bacterial formula – effective in reducing up to 99.999% of bacteria when used pure*
  • Gentle to the skin – water-based formula.
  • No-rinse – can be applied anywhere, on any washable surface, wherever you are. Rinsing is required on
    surfaces that may directly have contact with food.
  • Versatile and effective cleaner – various dilutions can clean at different potencies for different applications.
  • Child-proof cap – this feature helps reduce the risk of children opening the cleaner and ingesting it.
EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Team Uy Travels
EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Team Uy Travels

Starting the Clean Homes Movement

There is a healthy living movement on the rise, and it begins in our homes. There’s an increased preoccupation with ‘clean living’ and ‘clean sleeping’ as means to achieving a more balanced and secure environment in the space of our homes.

To have healthy meals, we must secure the cleanliness of meal preparation – even the areas we prepare it in. There’s also an increasing awareness of health hazards associated with certain allergens and indoor pollution. While our laundry and cleaning habits look to eliminate bacteria, it shouldn’t be at the expense of our skin and general health. External life stressors and extreme digitalization are also bringing a renewed focus on securing a state of mental wellbeing at home. Lastly, a host of sleep-supporting propositions and products that enhance home ambience and balance are on the innovation front line.

With all these insights on the importance of home care and having safe but effective options, consumers need a product they can trust, from a brand they believe in. This is where Nu Skin’s EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner comes in.



Personally, EcoSphere Multi-Purpose Cleaner’s big packaging is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to always go to grocery stores for restocking. The scent is very mild and once you use it as a spray mist, you can smell almost nothing, which is good and safe for baby and kids at home. With its no-rinse feature, it is very convenient and you can transfer it into small bottle spray so you can bring it anywhere. Very handy!

I also love the fact that it is an all-around cleaner which can be used to sanitize parcels, disinfect furniture (wood, glass and plastic), and clean floors. I think the NuSkin Ph did a great job on producing this multi-purpose cleaner. This is definitely a must-have!

Have you watched the EcoSphere’s heartwarming digital video? It depicts a story of a mother’s care and love for her offspring. Making sure they are safe while at the comforts of their home. Through this video, EcoSphere hopes to showcase how a simple act of appreciation, care, and love is worth a thousand words.


  1. Owen Ponce says:

    This is a good choice ,for a a cleaning agent! Love all its features and advantages.

  2. Jenny Labutap says:

    Perfect talagang gamitin sa bahay at talagang very effective pang puksa Ng mga virus at higit sa lahat safe gamitin 🥰

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