The best nostalgic 90s childhood games that you can now play online

In the midst of fast-innovating technology, one can easily forget how it feels to play the old games that children of 90s enjoyed. Luckily, some of these games can be found now online. Yes, you read that right. And having those nostalgic gaming experiences are just a click away because everything is now online.

So, let us start reminiscing about those classic games and you’re in luck because I listed the top five.

Snake Games

If you ever enjoyed playing the Snake Game on your old Nokia phone, then this one is for you. This is a modernized version of that classic mobile game that I discovered in wherein you have to direct the snake to its food without hitting the bricks. The goal of the game is to grow the snake’s tail as long as it can so you can get high scores. There are two modes of this game: Classic & Adventure.

In Classic mode, you need to avoid the bricks that gradually appear around the field while in Adventure mode, you can customize your entire gaming experience.

Play Snake Game


Tetris is one of the favorite brick games during the 90s when cellphones and laptops didn’t exist yet. This classic arcade game will test your calculation and spatial judgement because you need to pile up the bricks but you have to avoid the ceiling of the screen. It has different modes: L-Blocks, Quick Game and Hardcore. The tetris in has its retro look but it is colored unlike the black and white version in the brick gamepad.

Play Super Tetris Game


This is a classic card game where you need to find the pairing cards whose sums equal 13. The graphics are more colorful and interesting, and you can choose from numerous versions of solitaire. Unlike the solitaire that you played on your old desktop or through physical cards, you need to finish the entire stack within 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Oh that is pressure for the player, right? But that also makes the game more thrilling. You can always hit the undo button when you make a mistake and take back your moves.

Play Solitaire

Spot the Difference

This is one of the simplest games to play in magazines and books. You simply have to spot the difference between the two pictures. The good thing about this classic game is that it has no time limit which is very suitable and ideal for younger children. The two pictures are almost the same so you have to have keen eyes to spot the details where they differ. The sound is very encouraging too whenever you hit the difference. My daughter enjoyed playing this as she said the characters are similar to those cartoons she’s been watching.

Play Spot the Difference

Play Cards Memory

This game will test your memory because you need to remember quickly the cards when you flip them and look for the identical pair. Finish the 8 levels and take as much time as you need because there is no time limit.

Play Memory Card Game

Did I miss something on this list? Yes, indeed! There are thousands of games that we enjoyed playing when we were kids and teenagers so it is really impossible to cover them all. But the good news is, you can play them all over again because there online sites that offer these games for free. In , there are hundreds of categories to choose from. You can select from the card games, survival games, race games, etc.

Gone are those days when there were no smartphones and smart TVs. And as we grow old, we can teach our children how to play these classic games so they can also experience how amusing and entertaining these games are. So comment down below if you have nostalgia while reading this article. I am sure that you miss your childhood when all our entertainment depended on these classic games.

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  1. No doubt the game you have mention is also remain my childhood favorite game, but only me all the people of my age were play and enjoy this game.

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