How we’re changing the game with AI apps

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has been an unexpected pain point amongst the working population. The looming question of “Is AI going to replace my job?” is something that has struck panic, especially with the further developments in tech.

However, it is important to note that we are entering a new era where we, humans, define technology and not the other way around. Chelle Gray, Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Symph, shared her insights at the recent Symph AI Manila Demo Day event this May 23. Chelle expressed that “People are scared to lose their jobs. We have to do something before it’s too late. And that’s the reason why we made a lot of efforts in educating the market on AI. We have to go fast, otherwise, we might be left

At Symph, we are working towards our mission of pushing the limits of AI, discovering new possibilities, and fostering a creative and collaborative environment where innovation can thrive with the theme “Build Openly with AI.” We aim to utilize AI as a tool to improve working conditions, allowing innovation to prosper. With tools such as AppGen ( and Prompeteer, anyone can also create an AI app
without coding experience.

April 2023 Campaign | AI30x30
In line with Build Openly with AI, we launched a campaign called AI 30×30 last April of 2023. The goal was to create 30 AI-powered apps by April 30th. We went beyond our goal and built over 60 apps by April 30!

Many of these applications were created with the intention to help professionals with their workload, making processes and systems more efficient. We have created multiple initiatives that can assist with things such as Lesson Plans
(, Social Media Content ( and more!
All of which were done in under 30 days.

To continue creating endless possibilities and opportunities using AI. Our team empowered each Sympher where they can develop an AI app for their favorite brands hence SymphAI4Brands was launched.

Just follow #SymphAI4Brands to check out apps that have been developed by Symph’s super fans.

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  1. janegamboamendoza says:

    Nakakaproud na nakakakaba talaga. Syempre, dahil marami ng nadidiscover ngayon through technology, nakakatakottalaga baka maphase out nalang ang mga may trabaho, but reading this article makes me realize na walang dapat ikatakot, dahil tama naman, kailangan nating makipagsabayan sa iba.

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