Does social media tell you to resign from your job?

You have probably thought about leaving your current position at least once. You are not alone.

One of the main culprits is the enormous power of social media which fuels your intent to resign. Not to mention the influx of motivational quotations encouraging you to pursue happiness, put your family first, travel while you’re still young, etc.

Yes, you might be overworked due to unreasonable tasks, low pay, and career ladder stagnation. However, on occasion, it’s those close to you who will finally persuade you to submit your resignation. Who are they? Your boss, coworkers, former coworkers, family members, and of course… social media.

If you are searching for the word “resign” or “resignation” on the internet, you are mentally resigning. It is somehow a sign that you are looking for something to validate your future action.

And perhaps using your social network to find others in the same circumstances can help you determine if this is the right course of action.

But instead of relying your decision on your social network. Consider the following before quitting. Ask yourself.

  • Why am I resigning?
  • Is this sufficient justification to abandon my current career?
  • Will this improve my mental health or make me happy?
  • Can I remain composed once I quit my job?
  • What’s my strategy?
  • Will I find and begin a new position?

Yes, quitting your ideal career or the corporate world is like stepping outside of your comfort zone. However, if you are too terrified to leave, how will you know whether there is a greener pasture?

The decision to stay at your job or leave is entirely up to you, so make sure you won’t regret it once you’ve made it.

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  1. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Thanks for sharing this yes tama ka naman po nasa sayo kung feel mo need mo pa mag stay sa work or hindi basta siguro para sakin hanggang masaya ka sa work mo go with the flow pero kung feel mo hindi ka happy try resign hanapin mo yuny job na feel mo babagay sa nararamdaman mo yung alam mo na kapag nag work ka eeh happy ka napapasok yung parang dadaan lang ang araw ng pasok mo sa work na mabilis na halos hindi mo mapapansin ay uwian na pala ganon po😊😊😊

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