A delicious journey to Godel Factory: What to expect

The recent tour of Godel Chocolate Factory brought out the kid in me. I grew up as a chocoholic child who loved to binge on everything that had chocolate. So, I hurriedly grabbed this opportunity when I found out that Godel Chocolate would be opening their factory to public tours. This is a rare opportunity to see how the cocoa beans are turned into a commercial choco bar or powder.

The brand name “GODEL” is an amalgamation of the surnames of the founder’s parents, Go and Midel. Founded in 2020, the company aims to promote the local cacao industry by distributing good quality machines and wares for cacao bean processing. Situated in Parañaque City, commuters can ride a bus going to SM Bicutan and embark on tricycle or jeep that passes by Sampaguita Street.

The Tour

Before you even enter the main factory, Godel will give a brief discussion about the origin of chocolates and the tedious process of making bars and powder, from quality control to sorting and refining.  And as a welcome, they offer unlimited iced chocolate drinks and delicious chocolate bread.

After the 15-minute lessons about chocolate, visitors will proceed to the tour proper. The first thing is sanitization where we have to cover our shoes and hair, wash our hands and go inside a huge air sanitation machine.

Personalizing your chocolate

Guests are encouraged to make their own chocolates by getting melted chocolates on their molds and adding some toppings based on their preferences. After decorating the chocolates, these will be placed inside a freezer and by the end of the tour, these will be distributed.

Tempering the chocolate

The production team will show how to temper the chocolate, a process of aligning the fat crystals in chocolate, giving it that good snap and shiny finish.

Refining the chocolate

The guests will proceed in a temperature-controlled section where the cocoa beans are cooked by conduction and convection. So it is kinda hot inside but the hot environment helps the beans to develop their taste profile and also aids in debacterization.

A huge machine is used to crack the roasted cacao beans into smaller pieces and then afterward, the cacao nibs and husks are separated from each other. The cacao husks are used for cacao tea while the nibs are for the base ingredient of the chocolates.

In order to make a cacao mass, the nibs will undergo the process of refining and conching. In these stages, sugar, milk, and other ingredients are added to make the chocolate tastier and more apt for human consumption. In conching, the acetic acid in chocolate is being diffused so the area smells somewhat like vinegar.

The chocolate will go into the cooling process so that it will solidify. The last part is the packaging.

The personalized chocolates will be handed to visitors and they will proceed to the pantry/shop area where they can buy and eat Godel creations such as pastries, cacao nibs, and gift bundles.

How to book your Factory tour

As of the time of writing, interested visitors can book their slot for the factory tour thru Godel’s website here: http://events.godelchocolate.com/product-category/tour/

The entrance fee per person is 1,200 pesos but they are now offering a big discount and selling the ticket for 800 pesos only until December 2022.

And here are some reminders for joiners.

  • Children under five (5) years old are not allowed to join the tour.
  • Participants 12 years and above should be fully vaccinated.
  • Parking spaces are available for those who wish to bring cars
  • Schedule in advance to secure a slot.

The chocolate factory tour is an awesome experience not only for adults but also for kids because it teaches the nitty gritty process of chocolate production so they will appreciate the product even more. In light of easing the health protocols, I hope some schools will consider the Godel factory tour as one of their field trip destinations.

Indeed, this is one of the most educational tours I ever had with my daughter Sophia. “Best day ever,” she said after we finished the tour.

For the products of Godel, you can also check out their kiosk and branches here https://godelchocolate.com/where-to-buy/. You can also order online thru their Shopee and Lazada stores.

Browse the product list here https://godelchocolate.com/products/


  1. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Super curious talaga ako pero grabi ang tour sa factory na ito talaga makikita mo kung gano kalinis at kasarap ginagawa ang chocolate 😍😍😍

  2. Idalyn Moralita says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Momsh ♥️ I love to visit this too with my kids also.It’s a wonderful experience having to tour and have knowledge how Chocolate is being made and processed.

  3. Owen Ponce says:

    Seeing this tour ,so much fun , never had the chance to see this upclose, but it’s just few miles away from home!

  4. Ann Jay Rol says:

    Such a great Experience talaga na maka pasok sa factory ng chocolate,Maraming proseso pa pala ang pagdaanan para maging chocolate bar or powder ito.Thanks for sharing it with us mommy cath im sure nag Enjoy ang mga kids sa Tour nyo na to 🥰

  5. Yaay! Indeed this is a great experience. It’s worth to visit tlga this kind of places. You’ll be able to see how they can make a yummy chocolates that can satisfy us consumers.
    I Really to try this tour grabee sulit at Kasama sa package ung makakagawa ka ng sarili mong chocolate and you can even put whatever toppings you want.

  6. Joaquin Eli Bacod says:

    Ang saya saya nman na mka experience sa chocolate factory na ito . Tlgang kids and adults ay mag eenjoy sa delicious journey na ito ❤️

  7. No one can resists Chocolates and this experience is one of the most Goal that I’ve been eyeing for so long 😊 Grabe, those words makes me think na ako mismo ang nasa loob ng factory. Thank you for sharing this to us 😊

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