Whimsical Wonderland opens its instagrammable world to curious mortals

Are you thrilled to explore the extraordinary doors of imagination and adventure at
Whimsical Wonderland?

Philippine Amusement and Entertainment Corporation, the team that brings world-class
interactive colorful millennial attractions such as Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo, Tales
of Illumina, Selfielicious, Dream Lab, Museum of Emotions, Limon Manila, Apogee Events
and Lifestyle is launching a new mesmerizing attraction that will lead you to your doors of
imagination and adventure!

In a blink of an eye and a lil hocus poccus this newest enchanted adventure place will
bring you to a wizarding out of this world supernatural places inside Whimsical
Wonderland. Get ready to have fun and head on to the 4th floor of Eastwood Mall Quezon
City to explore Whimsical Wonderland. It is officially launching its doors to the curious
mortals on October 26, 2022.

This extraordinary attraction will allow guests to experience traveling into the other realms
of the fascinating world of supernatural places with over 17 unique mesmerizing rooms
you should check out!

Royal’s Gambit!

Don’t be fooled by every move of the giant chess pieces in this magnificent world because each move opens a new realm.

Slime O’hollic

Allow yourself to wander as your eyes twinkle because this land will overwhelm your emotions

Cloudy Doubty

You will undoubtedly master the sky canvas that produces various tones once you see puffs of clouds and marvelous lightning. Be careful don’t let it strike you!


Let the butterflies bedazzle you with the playful colorful lights of the eggsplendid.

The Forgotten

You’ll never take little things for granted again as you will experience the magical spice and comfort of the old bedroom.

Green Green Grass

The room will greet you with lively hues of green vines and plants, this place will remind you that we must nourish and take care of mother earth
to sustain a healthy and lovely life.


Wander and open the secret door going to the
place full of book pages. Remember to always look on your left and on your right because the path may bring you to a different chapter of your life.

Majestic Thrive

Walk and discover a mesmerizing life with a whimsical twist that will mesmerize you.
Always fill your life with colors.


Move in motion with the beauty of mushrooms that gives the impression that the real world is more glowing and more profound than this.


A cave that will keep your secrets and untold
stories planted on the ground.

Beast Chamber

We are all living in cages with the door wide open in this monster cage.

Gigantic Bloom

These magical giant flowers will spice up your path to your imaginative world.

The Dark Sea

There’s a life under the sea where the path you take reflects the beauty of the sea because its voice speaks to your soul.


Feel like a chic queen as you pass this glamorous walkway that is surrounded by furr trees!

Bewitching Faces

Bump into different faces on the walls that only our red eyes can perceive and stroll carefree around the passage of enchantment and mysticism.

Enchanted Festive Realm

It’s a feast of fascinating magic served in the most colorful enchanted dining realm.

Twinkling Path

Your path to discovering the world of the unknown is twinkling with the lights of the fairies!

Time’s Up!

Tik-tok-tik-tok your time to explore is
ticking so go hurry before you run out of time!

Thrilled to be one of the guests of this newest enchanted adventure place? You may book your Whimsy Passes now on its official website at

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Whimsy Passes Online Rate Php 349
Whimsy Passes Walk-in Rate Php 449
Whimsical Group of 4 Pass Php 1,400

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  1. Joaquin Eli Bacod says:

    Omg wow ang saya saya nman ng ganitong event tlgang very instagrammable , lahat ay mag eenjoy ❤️

  2. Idalyn Moralita says:

    As if I was traveling from a wonderland, nakaka-amaze ang mga lights, designs, interiors, colors and overall concept.Ang ganda, sobrang magical nito😍

  3. Yssa Robredillo says:

    Wooow! Definitely an Instagrammable and TikTok Worthy place 🥰😍
    Tlga maeenjoy dto nang lahat 💗

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