Marian Rivera and Hazel Cheffy led the Prime Kitchen Masterclass Holiday Edition by Mega Prime

 With less than a month to go before Christmas, it’s time to get ready for the most exciting part of the season: food galore! As always, Mega Prime, distributed by Mega Global’s newest subsidiary Mega Prime Foods Inc. (MPFI), is here and ready to be a reliable partner in the kitchen for the cooking heads of Filipino households in leveling up their dishes on any and all occasions.

Mega Prime, a brand that goes beyond products and strives to provide more value for the community, held Prime Kitchen Masterclass once again, but this time in holiday edition—an event to get everyone in the mood for all the cooking and preparing ahead, and one that is anticipated not only by moms but by all passionate cooks.

The event, held last December 3 at the Prime Hotel in Quezon City, was led by celebrity mom and passionate cook Marian Rivera-Dantes, who is also Mega Prime’s brand ambassadress and will continue to accompany moms and kitchen enthusiasts in their cooking journey following the renewal of her partnership with Mega prime. Joining her was Chef Hazel Añonuevo, or more popularly, Hazel Cheffy, a TikTok influencer known for drool-worthy recipes and clever cooking techniques. 

Marian Rivera-Dantes led the Prime Kitchen Masterclass

This Kitchen Masterclass also serves as a platform of encouragement for everyone who is passionate about cooking, whose cooking abilities may want to be further expanded, or who simply wants to enjoy the moments created by the cooking experience.  So to make this holiday masterclass extra special, Mega Prime widened its list of invitees to include not just moms, but anyone and everyone who had a love for great cooking. This was evident in the excitement and buzz among in-person and online attendees.

The event started with a Q&A with the media, followed by brand talks and Marian’s partnership renewal. After this, it was time for Marian and Hazel Cheffy to take everyone through another learning experience.

Marian demonstrated her skills in creating a Creamy Macaroni Salad and Fruit Trifle, a simple, easy, and healthy recipe using Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail that can definitely add color to any holiday spread. She expertly showed everyone how easy it was to put together, while also dispensing holiday tips and sharing her gratitude for her long-term relationship with Mega Prime.

For more experienced cooks and those who want to level up their cooking game, Hazel Cheffy showed how to create Fish Fillet with Christmas Salsa, an elaborate and sumptuous Noche Buena dish made as well with Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail.  She interactively explained the steps of creating the holiday dish and even shared some video creation tips for those who want to share their cooking skills on social media.

An online sale accompanied the cooking demos on the site, where buyers can enjoy 20% off Mega Prime canned fruits selection and 50% off Mega Prime Nata De Coco plus free shipping and a chance to win a multicooker. Of course, there were also fun games such as the “Corn Game” which online participants excitedly joined while on-site attendees were able to take home holiday presents from the mystery gift portion of the event.

To cap off the festivities was a grand raffle. These holiday celebrations will undoubtedly be enjoyed by attendees with their take-home Mega Prime goodies!

“As a trusted ally of Filipino kitchen enthusiasts, Mega Prime always endeavors to bring new cooking ideas and tips to all those who love cooking, especially during the holidays. This year, we expect Filipinos to resume once again their holiday celebration which means a lot more cooking for the happy reunions ahead. “We hope that through the Prime Kitchen Masterclass, our cooks’ families will have more delicious dishes this Christmas,” said Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth and Development Officer of MPFI.

“We believe that enjoying food is one of the best bonding moments for a family. During mealtimes, families get to share personal and even professional updates about themselves, talk about their plans, and just have a good talk in general. The food itself can be a topic, and what best way to serve delicious meals than to use the wide array of Mega Prime products to level up your dishes”, said Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega Prime Group Product Manager.

Level up your cooking this Christmas season with Mega Prime, your trusted ally in your kitchen journey. For more info, check out Mega Prime’s official Facebook page or the official website of Mega Prime Foods Inc.


  1. Yssa Robredillo says:

    Yaaay! Indeed, Mega Prime products can level up your dishes. Kya choose what’s the best for your menus Mommies 🥰
    Nakakatuwa naman tong event na to Daming matututunan na mga recipes from Hazel cheffy and Mrs.Marian Rivera-Dantes.
    It’s such a nice experience naman tlga 😍🤗 Thank you for sharing this with us Mommy Catha.

  2. ROCHELLE J. says:

    another great but simple recipe to try, nakakatuwa nung ni replay ko yung live niyo po. nice event mega prime lalo n sa mga mahilig magluto nale level up ang mga dating recipe👍

  3. Jenny Labutap says:

    This is nice event ang daming matutunan na mga masasarap na Luto na perfect ngayong Holliday seasons at talagang highly appreciated products sure na Di Ka mapapahiya

  4. Owen Ponce says:

    We will try them ,using those products that we loved eversince

  5. Ang dami kong nakuhang tips at mga easy to prepare foods pero patok na patok sa buong pamilya. Ang sarap mag-attend ng mga ganito kagandang event. Siksik sa learnings talaga

  6. Lizel Tejares Purcia says:

    Thank you for sharing this tips malaking learnings na naman in cooking

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