Mayor Abby opens OPD services at Makati Life Medical Center

Makati Mayor Abby Binay today formally opened Makati Life Medical Center’s 24/7 primary care services, giving the city’s Yellow Card holders access to round-the-clock healthcare, consultations, diagnostic, and pharmacy services.

“Today marks a great milestone for the people of Makati, especially our senior citizens, as now they have access to quality primary care services 24/7. It took several years to complete, but we delivered on our promise to give Makatizens a bigger and more accessible hospital where they can receive medical attention whenever they need it,” said Mayor Abby.

Located at Barangay Bel-Air, Makati Life is more accessible to residents of the city’s 1st district. It is also convenient for City Hall employees and senior citizens who have difficulty commuting to the city-run Ospital ng Makati (OsMak).

Additionally, since it is open 24/7, Makati Life Medical Center can better serve the medical needs of residents and provide timely care for patients who require more specialized services in a tertiary hospital.

Makati Life is a partnership between LifeNurture Incorporated (LNI) and the City Government of Makati. It is the country’s most significant public-private partnership (PPP) hospital to date. City Ordinance No. 2021-021 authorized Mayor Abby to sign a PPP agreement with LifeNurture Inc. for the hospital’s construction, operation, and management.

Mayor Abby stated that Makati Life Medical Center is “a testament to the city’s commitment to providing excellent health care that is accessible, affordable, and of the highest medical standards.”

The mayor quickly assured Makatizens that although Makati Life accepts private individuals, their healthcare services are still accessible to Yellow Card holders, including the city’s senior citizens and City Hall employees. They are also guaranteed hospital beds if they need to be confined for further treatment. The hospital’s “Yellow Card” zone prioritizes Makati Yellow Card holders.

OsMak patients may also be referred to Makati Life for specialized tests and services. The city is also working to fully integrate the medical records of both hospitals, so OsMak patients can have their check-ups at Makati Life and not have to worry about providing their patient history.

By doing this, Mayor Abby said Makati’s healthcare system would come full circle. Makatizens now have more options to choose from when it comes to their health.

Makati Life has a total of 360 beds and 190 doctor’s clinics. It offers multiple specialty centers which boast of advanced medical technology and modern facilities focusing on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services. These include a Cancer Center with a linear accelerator for radiation treatment, a Cardiac Center with a cardiac catheterization lab for angiography, an open heart surgery, and organ transplantation surgeries. It also has a Physical Rehabilitation Medical Center that will use robotics in treating joint and soft tissue ailments.

The hospital also features a hybrid operating room combining diagnostic imaging and surgical theater to manage complex surgeries effectively. It also has a certified heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system for a clean, germ-free environment.

The rest of the hospital’s services will be available in the next few months.

Patients can walk in at any time but may also book an appointment by calling 8888-2020, 0917-658-5433, or 0947-990-7362.

They can also send an email to or visit the website: for more information about the services offered.

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  1. janegamboamendoza says:

    Ganito sana ang gawin nila lalo na sa province hospitals 👏 kudos to Mayor Abby 👏 Napakagaling mag-lead talaga

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