Run your own company: Games that will hone your business skills

There are games for entertainment, and some are meant for educational purposes and help support learning. With the fast innovation of online technology, web games have also redeveloped from being a simple escape from real life into infotainment that can actually help one nurture skills and learn new things.

People planning to venture into business can actually grasp a pre-experience of how to run a small cafe or restaurant through some online games that teach how to manage money. So, here are some of the money games that I highly recommend.



Coffee Shop is a one-month simulation game where players can alter the game’s parameters to maximize their revenue from operating a coffee shop.

In this game, players organize their cash flow, manage their inventory, establish prices, tweak their coffee recipes, and aim to maximize daily profits in part by modifying their operations in response to the weather. In this game, the demand for coffee increases during colder weather and decreases during warmer weather.

This game teaches adults and also kids several crucial business management skills, such as inventory.

Purchasing ingredients in bulk can help you save money, but some of these such as milk can also rot. Thus, the player must control the levels of coffee, milk, sugar, and cup in this game.

Regarding the price, the player can increase or decrease prices to increase sales volume or offer perishable ingredients for less money in order to sell them before they go bad in order to maximize profits.


In real-life settings, one of the factors that can affect sales is the weather. And in this game, it is a fantastic predictor of changes in customer demand. The changes in consumer demand affect both the overall amount of demand and the propensity to pay higher prices.


Feedback is important to businesses in order to adjust according to customers’ preferences. In the Coffee Shop game, players can also view the feedback of customers through clicking the bubbles to know if the price is too high or if the ingredients need adjustment. The thought bubbles may also indicate their level of satisfaction.

Click here to play the COFFEE SHOP GAME.


The Idle Farming Business will teach players how to stock and manage a farm business

They can grow and harvest various crops. The first to harvest are the potatoes. And as the player accumulates funds, he will acquire new land where he can plant new seeds.

There are 8 additional types of vegetables including carrots, wheat, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, turnips, onions, and maize.

The player will scroll over each plot from time to time to collect its earnings and need to purchase improvements for each variety of vegetable to shorten production times, stack earnings, and boost profits.

To increase your production by planting more veggies, improve the soil in each area by digging. The production time is cut in half when you plant 25, 50, or 100 in a plot. The rain cloud will increase your crop yield by twofold, while the sun will increase production.

Click here to play the game.


The Idle Hypermarket Empire will the players to experience how to manage employees or workers as the supermarket expands. This grocery shop simulation game will let them take control of a vertically oriented hypermarket.

The player must choose employees and ask them to stock the store. To automate your workflow, hire managers. And to hire more people and increase their productivity, train and improve current employees first. Then, train supervisors to increase productivity even further. Players can boost the energy of workers when the yellow electric icon is on.

The income from the operations can be used to upgrade floors and open up new floors.
The higher the floor, the higher income to come.

Fruits and vegetables, meats, groceries, a food court, furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics are all located on the hypermarket’s nine levels.

The player has the chance to sell the business to an investor through an IPO after it has grown for some time. Click here to play the game

And if you are wondering, where I discovered these games, you can visit the moneycalculator.ogr/money-games which offers money games, simulation games, etc. And these are ALL FREE.

I personally played some of their games and what I realize is that while these are just games and meant for entertainment, I gradually learn some techniques that I can use when I start my own business. One of its advantages is that a player can see his weakness and strongest point as an entrepreneur and he can also learn how to manage money in these games.

Aside from the money games, there are also exciting games for kids featuring Lego, Powerfuff, and Loud House.


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