Yu Sheng from Salmon HQ, Team Uy Travels

Yu Sheng: How to toss to a prosperous year

If you have failed to celebrate the New Year last January 1, then this Chinese New Year is your second chance to welcome another year and attract good fortune and prosperity.

My husband comes from a Filipino-Chinese clan in the northern part of our country. I must say that I was introduced to several traditions they have been observing during special occasions or events such as Lunar New Year, moving into a new house, reunion, and many more.

One of the things that I recently discovered is the Yu Sheng, the prosperity toss which only happens every Chinese New Year. It is usually served in a big pan which consists of raw fish such as salmon, shredded vegetables and special sauces. And each ingredient symbolizes something related to having abundance and good luck.

Yu Sheng from Salmon HQ, Team Uy Travels

And to save you from the stress of chopping and preparing the salad, Salmon HQ is offering its Yu Sheng limited edition.

Lauded as the home of the freshest salmon sashimi, their Yu Sheng comprises their premium cut salmon, a refreshing mix of veggies such as cucumber, carrots, cabbage, and crisps, peanuts sesame seeds, and signature plum sauce which are beautifully arranged on a large circular plate.

Yu Sheng from Salmon HQ, Team Uy Travels

To do the prosperity toss, you must invite in your family members or colleagues so together you can all usher in the good luck.

Here is the step by step instructions of the “Lo Hei” or the toss:

  1. Gather the tossers around the table.
  2. Add the sauces, peanuts, and crisps to the salad.
  3. Using chopsticks, toss as high as you can while saying out loud your wishes. This means you are inviting rising prosperity throughout the year. You can also chant “Huat ah!” which means prosperity. So, shout out your wishes with confidence and enthusiasm.
  4. Eat the mixed salad.

Yu Sheng from Salmon HQ, Team Uy Travels Yu Sheng from Salmon HQ, Team Uy Travels Yu Sheng from Salmon HQ, Team Uy Travels

Though it is a beautiful mess after the toss, you will surely love the taste of sweet salmon coiled in peanuts, veggies, and sauce. You can watch how we did our prosperity toss here in our Youtube vlog.

Salmon HQ accepts a pre-order of Yu Sheng from January 28 to February 6. So book ahead to reserve your slots. Let us toss to a bountiful Year of the Water Tiger! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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  1. Owen Ponce says:

    This is traditionally associated with prosperity and success! I do love it ! I’m a believer of this too.

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