Ilocos Windmill

Paradise of Ilocos

Have you been lost in the paradise of Ilocos region with incomparable beauty and far from the bustling cities?Ilocos Region is divided into two provinces: Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. From Manila, you need to ride a bus or plane going to the north.

Several bus companies such as Florida Bus, Partas line, and Fariñas Bus offer morning and night bus trips. Vigan City, the capital of Ilocos Sur, is 9-hours from Manila via bus.
Bus fare ranges from 600 Php to 800 Php ($11.86 to $18.52) dependeng on the amenities and class of the bus.

The only airport in Ilocos Region is the Laoag International Airport which is situated at Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte and 2 hours travel from Vigan City.

For travelers, they may kickstart their tour in Vigan which is known for its Spanish-era and Colonial houses.



We’ve only just VIGAN!


The “kalye” or street has been occupied by many heritages houses that are still erected up until now.
Most of the houses are residential anymore and become souvenir stores and hotel or inn. The best thing to do here is stroll and buy souvenirs like native hats, wind chimes, wooven clothes, etc.


Calle Crisologo
Calle Crisologo


While in Vigan, don’t miss to ride a Kalesa, the Pinoy version of chariot. For only 150 Php, the kalesa will take you around the city’s tourist spots.

Karitela or horse carriages dominated the roads during Spanish Era in the Philippines. These non-electric transport service became the primary mode of transportation and has a critical role in country’s trading during 18th century. Facing its extinction, karitelas have been slowly disappearing due to the rise of hi-tech and modern vehicles. Thus, one can say that riding a karitela nowadays can be considered as a true privilege.

When you get hungry, grab a bite of Empanada or sip the soup of Sinanglaw at the park. There are small eateries at the centro offering cheap and tasty foods.
Riding a Calesa
Riding a Calesa



It is a zoological park established by the know politician and businessman Chavit Singson. His hobby of hunting wild animals drove him to open a zoo for his collection. There is no entrance fee but the zoo staff encourages tourist to buy a shirt for only 50 Php as pledge for the zoo maintenance.
To reach Baluarte, you may ride a tricycle for only 50 Php from the plaza or ride a caleza for experience the old transportation in the area.
When I was a program researcher, I was privileged to stay at Baluarte for few days. Behind the zoo, Singson built some rooms for his kumpare and special visitors. We happened to sleep in the room designated for a prince who once visited Baluarte.




Ilocos Norte is the home of first wind turbines in the Philippines. These man-made structures use the energy of wind and convert it into rotational energy through the blades. Photo was taken in a rainy day trip along the town of Bangui last July 2017.

“Ilocos Norte is known as the renewable energy capital of Southeast Asia. With 100 turbines to date and counting, the first and largest wind farms in the region can be found here. Solar and hydro plants are also finding their way to the province. Green is definitely “in” in Ilocos Norte.”

Bangui Windmills
More windmills lining up along the coastline facing the South China Sea



When you reach Pagudpud, you can take a tricycle tour that costs 600 pesos. The tour has two itinerary, the south and north tour.

You’ll get to visit one of the picturesque rock formations in Pagudpud, the enigmatic Patapat viaduct and majestic hills.

For soul searchers, the pristine beach of Pagudpud brings haven to all tourists who search for serenity for awhile. Just be aware that communication signal in the area is down most of the time, you can’t even send text or make a call. If you’ll be bringing kids, make sure that you have mosquito repellant and extra jacket because it is colder during the night. Buy as much as you need in the city before going to your hotel or inn in Pagudpud because grocery stores in the area are just in number.
Pagudpud Beach
Pagudpud Beach





  1. This guide is very informative. I’ve never been to Ilocos province but now I have the reason to put it on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. definitely put it in your bucketlist. you’ll never regret it 🙂

  2. I am hearing about this place for the first time. It is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. you’re welcome. it is picturesque and almost paradise when you see it in person. 🙂

  3. Kathryn A Miele says:

    Beautiful pictures! Loved the wind farm!

    1. that’s my favorite too, the wind mills 🙂

  4. Very Informative!! Loved the pictures… Great post..

    1. thanks. keep coming for more post 🙂

  5. This place looks straight out of a fairytale. Have always wanted to visit a location like this

    1. yes, it is like paradise for many tourist. you’ll never miss out adventures in this place 🙂

  6. So beautiful! I can dream about visiting there one day 🙂

    1. wow that’s great. hope you can visit soon 🙂

  7. Pagudpud here we come. Great guide and really informative. Been thinking of having this trip, but just thinking the time to spend driving already worn me out 😀

    1. yeah, 11 hours of bus ride or car driving. 🙂

  8. I’ve never even heard of Ilocos but the pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing

    1. thanks. you should visit 🙂

  9. Joanna says:

    It looks like there are so many beautiful things to do in Ilocos, and you have both mountains and the sea to enjoy.

    1. yeah, you have both worlds to see and it offers wide variety of dishes. 🙂

  10. This is definitely a nice place to visit with all the beautiful views!

  11. christineong says:

    I super love ilocos… id love to go here again… thank you for this article …. now i know where to take pictures … 😉

  12. I truly agree that Ilocos Region is such a beautiful place to be and enjoy. I’ve been here last 2012 and was able to amble around Ilocos Sur and Norte for almost a week, since it was part of my 15 days backpacking in Luzon. The Kapurpurawan Rock formation is truly one of a kind, and walking on the cobblestone in Calle Crisologo is beyond compare. I can really feel that I was brought back to the history of the past. I want to go back!

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  14. Lizel Tejares Purcia says:

    Wow ang dami naman pong beautiful spot sa Ilocos. Siguradong nag enjoy ang mga kids😍

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